Paper and fringes?

Paper and fringes?

This year fringes are trendy, you see them everywhere and, although I’m not particularly fashionable, I have to say that I really like them. I find them light and funny, they make me feel like a little girl, something that never hurts. I wondered what strange combination would result combining paper and fringes?

The bags I create are already bizarre and extravagant, to take another step towards originality intrigued me. I started thinking to develop some feasible ideas, that would make sense and it turned out this prototype image. I like it a lot. Of course, I made it..but I really like it. I handmade one of my bags, with handmade marbled paper, a unique piece that combines a traditional pattern with big pop bubbles that I love so much.

It wasn’t easy to find the perfect combination with fringes. In the end, I opted for colors and materials to combine with paper without creating a too sharp and excessive contrast. Overall, it seems to me that there is a calibrated balance between the different shades of color and between materials.

I would say I’m really satisfied with the result. I like so much this bag and I’ll make others in the near future because I think they are amazing an

i miei pannelli nel mondo

I miei pannelli nel mondo

Molti ovviamente se ne dimenticano probabilmente rientrando pienamente nel loro quotidiano una volta arrivati a casa, ma altri sono così gentili e cortesi da ricordarsi e mi inviano varie foto delle loro case con i miei lavori. Case negli Stati Uniti, alle Hawaii, in Australia, in Francia e chissà in quanti altri posti.