The meaning of being part of a group of creators

The meaning of being part of a group of creators

The meaning of being part of a group of creators

There is strength in numbers, that’s why I’m happy to give space to artists through my BLOG.

I believe in sharing and if I like something I’m happy to be able to say to others.

I believe in word of mouth and in appreciation of people. People who love beauty and still love handmade. In this spirit I attended with pleasure to the initiative of…blogger of…who involved other creatives. That’s the result, do you like it?



I had interrupted my bag production for a while, not because of a lack of stimuli, will and creativity, but because the commitment of managing a shop in Venice, concomitant to the one of handicraft (in my shop, I must always display a lot of merchandise, therefore I need to create an recreate everyday …) allows very little time to the realization of all the ideas an artist has in mind!

Bags have always been a highlight at CARTAVENEZIA and MANY, MANY foreigners bought unique pieces, which I loved and, with the typical difficulty of one who realizes a UNIQUE PIECE, HAD TO let go…
La mia produzione di borse era ferma da tempo non per mancanza di Stimoli, Volontà, Creatività, ma perché l’impegno di un negozio sempre aperto in centro a Venezia e nel contempo l’attività di Artigianato (per poter vendere nel mio negozio devo assolutamente avere sempre a disposizione molta merce e quindi ogni giorno Creare, Creare, Creare …) concede poco spazio a tutte le idee che un’artista ha in testa!