The Christmas balls signed Cartevenezia

The Christmas balls signed Cartevenezia

Paper is my life and let it take the form I want is always a pleasure and a celebration, not only for me but for my little girl or friends as well. They look at me with wide eyes wondering how I can do it.

Paper is magic! And it’s always fascinating to work with it. That’s the reason why as artisan and artist I have to make special every occasion with paper 🙂

Actually the processes of creating are different and the average time taken to produce is remarkable. But at the end, when everything is finished, well, I can admire the final result and surprise myself too!

This is my idea for the upcoming Christmas. You can find them on sale at my showroom or I can ship them to you anywhere or send them to your best friend.

The paper balls signed Cartevenezia are a precious gift. Every year you can gift one of them to you or to someone else. It will be like a game, a collection, a party.

Choose your Christmas ball and remember: YOU AND ONLY YOU will have that ball in the whole world.