Looking for the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift

Challenging, isn’t it?

Because sometimes you don’t know the person or is a shared gift with someone else. Or maybe you have never seen the house of the person who receives the gift and it becomes difficult to give advices.

What is certain is that when people have doubts a too-personal-gift the is always a risky choice.

A NOTEBOOK, A DIARY, AN ALBUM traditionally handmade as gifts are always welcome.

They look amazing on every desk and they even decorate a office or a house.

I show you some of my notebooks:

With smooth pages
Whit think or not think paper

Paper. Precious and still cut like the old days, without cutter, remembering the traditional, the handmade. That’s exactly how I produce the creations I propose to my customers. You have the possibility to choose between many colours and formats, I’m never unprepared because it’s a very popular article with tourists and not only.

There is always the customer or the Venetian customer who comes to take the new photo album, the notebook to jot down ideas, projects, dreams, designs and delicious recipes.

That’s the beautiful side of my job. The great thing for my customers is knowing that I am here and that they will find the things they’ve always loved but improved and renewed. You will certainly find the RIGHT HANDMADE NOTEBOOK perfect for you.


You can find a lot of papers and if you want to order your album with the paper you love the most, or with the paper you would like to upholster your most precious objects or to create a beautiful picture Cartevenezia is the perfect choice!