And Càrte is inserted in the legendary Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet says it all! Certainly all travelers know it. Me, myself, when I have to leave I take a copy. The name itself is a guarantee for the traveler. The year started in the best way possible for Càrte. The edition published at the end of 2016 concerning Venezia, that will be available in bookstores throughout 2015 and beyond gave a lot of space to my atelier.

I will not pretend to be modest and I won’t limit myself to a simple “I’m glad”….I’M DELIGHTED! I think t

About Cartevenezia's colours and earrings

About Cartevenezia’s colours and earrings

About Cartevenezia’s colours and earrings

Colours are able to fascinate me everyday. And everyday I face the challenge of finding the perfect match between the objects and the marbled paper that I create.

Just think about a simple earring and ask yourself what’s behind such a tiny object, so apparently simple.

There is a lot of work, I assure you!

If you come to Venice to my studio you will definitely find me working on some object with my hands in my papers, colours, brushes and glue..and so on.