About Cartevenezia's colours and earrings

About Cartevenezia’s colours and earrings

About Cartevenezia’s colours and earrings

Colours are able to fascinate me everyday. And everyday I face the challenge of finding the perfect match between the objects and the marbled paper that I create.

Just think about a simple earring and ask yourself what’s behind such a tiny object, so apparently simple.

There is a lot of work, I assure you!

If you come to Venice to my studio you will definitely find me working on some object with my hands in my papers, colours, brushes and glue..and so on.

Looking for the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift

Challenging, isn’t it?

Because sometimes you don’t know the person or is a shared gift with someone else. Or maybe you have never seen the house of the person who receives the gift and it becomes difficult to give advices.

What is certain is that when people have doubts a too-personal-gift the is always a risky choice.

A NOTEBOOK, A DIARY, AN ALBUM traditionally handmade as gifts are always welcome.

They look amazing on every desk and they even decorate a office or a house.

I show you some of my notebooks:

With smooth pages
Whit think or not think paper

Paper. Precious and still cut like the old days, without cutter, remembering the traditional, the handmade. That’s exactly how I produce the creations I propose to my customers. You have the possibility to choose between many colours and formats, I’m never unprepared because it’s a very popular article with tourists and not only.

There is always the customer or the Venetian customer who comes to take the new photo album, the notebook to jot down ideas, projects, dreams, designs and delicious recipes.

That’s the beautiful side of my job. The great thing for my customers is knowing that I am here and that they will find the things they’ve always loved but improved and renewed. You will certainly find the RIGHT HANDMADE NOTEBOOK perfect for you.


You can find a lot of papers and if you want to order your album with the paper you love the most, or with the paper you would like to upholster your most precious objects or to create a beautiful picture Cartevenezia is the perfect choice!

The Christmas balls signed Cartevenezia

The Christmas balls signed Cartevenezia

Paper is my life and let it take the form I want is always a pleasure and a celebration, not only for me but for my little girl or friends as well. They look at me with wide eyes wondering how I can do it.

Paper is magic! And it’s always fascinating to work with it. That’s the reason why as artisan and artist I have to make special every occasion with paper 🙂

Actually the processes of creating are different and the average time taken to produce is remarkable. But at the end, when everything is finished, well, I can admire the final result and surprise myself too!

This is my idea for the upcoming Christmas. You can find them on sale at my showroom or I can ship them to you anywhere or send them to your best friend.

The paper balls signed Cartevenezia are a precious gift. Every year you can gift one of them to you or to someone else. It will be like a game, a collection, a party.

Choose your Christmas ball and remember: YOU AND ONLY YOU will have that ball in the whole world.

Cartevenezia assieme ai libri

Cartevenezia assieme ai libri

Una bella occasione e un connubio che mi fa molto piacere.

Adoro da sempre le librerie e quando è nata questa collaborazione mi sono sentita lusingata perché arte e cultura viaggiano assieme!

La proprietaria del progetto è entusiasta quanto lo sono io e così si collabora bene e con allegria, scambiandosi opinioni e crescendo insieme come avviene ogni volta che si crea un buon feeling.

La Libreria tra le righe non è una libreria comune …è molto molto di più, ecco come si descrivono e posso solo confermare….

“Più che un sogno, era un pensiero ricorrente, di quelli che ti fanno sorridere e dire “magari si può fare davvero!”.

Così è iniziata l’avventura di Tralerighe, il nuovo spazio culturale a Conegliano Veneto che ambisce ad essere qualcosa di più di una semplice libreria.

Venezia e le sue bellezze

Venezia è sempre la città più bella e affascinante che si possa VEDERE, lascia sempre tutti meravigliati e fa venire voglia di tornarci. Venezia è la mia casa, il mio lavoro. La mia passione è, attraverso la mia carta marmorizzata, lasciare a chi passa a trovarmi un Oggetto UNICO UNICO FATTO A VENEZIA. Io vi aspetto dopo le vostre visite, le…

The meaning of being part of a group of creators

The meaning of being part of a group of creators

The meaning of being part of a group of creators

There is strength in numbers, that’s why I’m happy to give space to artists through my BLOG.

I believe in sharing and if I like something I’m happy to be able to say to others.

I believe in word of mouth and in appreciation of people. People who love beauty and still love handmade. In this spirit I attended with pleasure to the initiative of…blogger of…who involved other creatives. That’s the result, do you like it?



I had interrupted my bag production for a while, not because of a lack of stimuli, will and creativity, but because the commitment of managing a shop in Venice, concomitant to the one of handicraft (in my shop, I must always display a lot of merchandise, therefore I need to create an recreate everyday …) allows very little time to the realization of all the ideas an artist has in mind!

Bags have always been a highlight at CARTAVENEZIA and MANY, MANY foreigners bought unique pieces, which I loved and, with the typical difficulty of one who realizes a UNIQUE PIECE, HAD TO let go…
La mia produzione di borse era ferma da tempo non per mancanza di Stimoli, Volontà, Creatività, ma perché l’impegno di un negozio sempre aperto in centro a Venezia e nel contempo l’attività di Artigianato (per poter vendere nel mio negozio devo assolutamente avere sempre a disposizione molta merce e quindi ogni giorno Creare, Creare, Creare …) concede poco spazio a tutte le idee che un’artista ha in testa!

how to marbleize paper

How to marbleize paper

The procedure consists in filling some containers with gelatinous liquids
and, with the aid of ink brushes, make different colors float on the surface
until you reach the desired effect.

In una prima fase vengono preparati i colori perché possano galleggiare sulla superficie liquida, il momento della
loro stesura sulla “tela”   può durare a lungo ed è in questa fase che all’artista è concesso di lavorare tra leggerezza